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Lokki Mug Set | Limited Edition

Lokki Mug Set | Limited Edition


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  • The Oiva Lokki Mug Set is a limited edition set and has two Oiva mugs, one with a Lokki pattern and the other with a Lokki Pergola pattern. 

    The Lokki Pergola pattern combines two rhythmic 1960s patterns by Maija Isola.

    The idea for the Lokki design was born when Maija Isola was looking at a small window with a curtain drawn in front of it. The sun was shining, and wavy shadows formed in the curtain on the wide folds. When the waves are pressed into the fabric, even a little fabric will look rich and wrinkled.

    Marimekko coffee mugs are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe; glazed colours and pattern remain vibrant.

    Set of 2 x 2.5dl (250ml) Coffee Mugs.

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