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Luxury Scented Candle | Miss Savannah

Luxury Scented Candle | Miss Savannah

Gascoigne and King

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Bronwyn Gascoigne is the driving force behind the Gascoigne & King brand. With a keen interest in fragrance, perfumes and beautiful natural products, she began to make candles after finding it incredibly difficult to source high quality, environmentally friendly products with a focus on exciting fragrance blends and great design.

Her inspiration comes from the places in the world we live in. All Gascoigne & King candles are environmentally friendly and hand-made in Surry Hills, Sydney.

Youthful and floral, this gorgeous fragrance blend combines notes of citrus, white tea, ginger, lemongrass & jasmine.

Tea / Ginger / Moss / Musk / Rose / Lemongrass / Lemon / Lily / Jasmine

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