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Miffy | Bundle of Joy

Miffy | Bundle of Joy

Mr Maria

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The sweetest bunny is now a nightlight for every little Miffy fan. During the day Miffy's adventures play out on TV and on the page, at night she's right by your little one's side always creating a peaceful moment by shining her light!

A night light is a great item to invest in for your nursery if you’re doing night feeds and to give comfort to your baby.

Miffy First Light is made of soft silicone and shines a comforting, soft light. Shaped only in black and white, Miffy's classic lines once drawn in pencil truly come to life. Her familiar face of simplicity is there to ensure a cosy sleep and will help you keep your baby’s room as dark and quiet as possible, while still allowing you to see what you’re doing.

Using a night light rather than turning on a regular light switch will allow you to teach your baby the difference from night and day, which will be helpful for sleep routines.

These are mini versions (less than half the size) of the First Lights. Light automatically switches off after 15 minutes

Fun to collect and great as a gift. Perfect for playfully brightening any room

Powered by a CR2032 cell battery securely screwed into the base. Not dimmable or rechargeable

  • Material: Soft Silicone, BPA-free
  • Dimension: H14cm
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