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Lion | First Light

Lion | First Light

Mr Maria

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Lion is part of the First Light - Miffy and Friends collection, a night light designed to be 'a little friend for a little miracle'. This animal friend is known from Miffy's stories but is just a little different than the rest. Lion is bright yellow like sunshine, the perfect happy addition to your children's room.

He has playful manes framing his innocent face and a sweeping tail when seen from the back. Lion is designed for the wild little ones, with plenty of energy and inspiring minds. A cool little lion as a brave protector, keeping a little one safe day and night.

Using a night light rather than turning on a regular light switch will allow you to teach your baby the difference from night and day, which will be helpful for sleep routines.

Made of silicone and with LED six step dimming including night mode, the nightlight can be recharged with a USB cable (included) and the battery will last between 8-120 hours depending on the chosen brightness setting. Being wireless means it’s easy to move around and in addition – you don’t have to worry about tripping over cords at night. A gorgeous interior addition to make your baby’s room stylish and practical.

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