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Honey Collection | Sugar Scrub

Honey Collection | Sugar Scrub

Panier des Sens

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From the Provence region in South France comes the beautifully authentic creations of Panier des Sens. Using locally sourced, natural ingredients, Panier de Sens commitment to excellence ensures you are purchasing items that are both luxurious and premium quality.

Panier des Sens Honey Sugar Scrub is an effective body exfoliant, with abundant sugar sprinkles that work to smooth, soften and cleanse skin. Made with organic honey from Provence which contains natural enzymes for a spa-quality detoxifying action. Perfect for dry or mature skin. Even the most delicate skin is deeply cleansed and oxygenated.

Panier des Sens has drawn inspiration from nature to create its Regenerating Honey skincare range made from organic honey from Provence and propolis. The blend of nourishing, regenerating and protective active ingredients makes all skin types feel soft and smooth. Made in France. 

Key ingredients: 

Thanks to its high sugar content, honey locks water molecules in the cells, boosts moisturising and stops skin feeling dry. Skin is better protected from external aggressors. Honey is enriched with vitamins and minerals making it an exceptional active ingredient with nourishing and regenerative properties.

Sugar sprinkles exfoliate skin gently. The sprinkles dissolve naturally when applied using circular movements. The presence of these sugar sprinkles scrubs impurities from your skin.

SHEA BUTTER - Nourishing
All active ingredients in Panier des Sens products have been selected for their cosmetic quality and their Provence history. One, however, stands out, given its distant origin and its universal benefits. Shea is a natural active ingredient extracted from the shea nut, fruit of the shea tree, a wild tree endemic to West Africa: Butyrospermum Parkii. This exceptionally-hardy tree can live for up to three centuries! A very rich beige-coloured paste is extracted from the nut and is then worked into butter. Shea butter is universally-reputed for its nourishing and protective properties. As it's rich in vitamins A, D, E and F as well as fatty acid, it nourishes skin and helps it better defend itself from dehydration and external aggressors.

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