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Eddie the Siamese Cat

Eddie the Siamese Cat

B.T Chaps

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"I love being alone in the dark. You? Want to know what I did last night?

First, I jumped on top of the counter to see if there was any leftover dinner. I love me some sardines.

Then obviously I needed a nap, so I chose a little corner on the couch.
After that, my legs felt a little restless so I decided I needed a little exercise. My workout routine contains: Jumping against the wall and
spinning around as fast as I can. Oh, and leaping for the highest part of the curtains and then slowwwwly droppingmyself. This is especially good for my biceps.

Afterwards I felt my muscles deserved somerelaxation, so I chose the hottest laptopI could find and dozed off.
When I woke up, something smelled a little fishy? So I’m hiding in the first thing I could find. Don’t tell on me!"

Acrylic, polyester blend outer fabric|with 100% recycled PET filling
17 cm - 6,5"
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