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L'Olivier Eau de Parfum - 50ml

L'Olivier Eau de Parfum - 50ml

Panier des Sens

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From the Provence region in South France comes the beautifully authentic creations of Panier des Sens. Using locally sourced, natural ingredients, Panier de Sens commitment to excellence ensures you are purchasing items that are both luxurious and premium quality.

Panier des Sens L'Olivier Eau de Parfum has the elegance of an intense fragrance, blending warm woods and sensual musks. Refreshed with Mediterranean marine notes, the Eau de Parfum offers a contrasting composition and a chiaroscuro interpretation of olive wood.

A woody aromatic fragrance designed in Grasse that energizes the olive tree with Mediterranean marine notes.

Top note: marine chord
Heart note: olive leaves
Base note: cedar wood

To be sprayed directly on the skin, or on clothes.

Made in France. 50ml.

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