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Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef


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Le Petit Chef collection is ideal for teaching children how to cook in total safety.

The knife has a 10cm blade with a rounded end and a learning ring to help position fingers correctly and prevent the hand from slipping.

 There are finger guards to protect the fingers holding the food while being cut.

The firm OPINEL employs today 95 persons, all based in Chambery.

Through this 100% French production, OPINEL S.A manufactures 4 million units per year of which 40% are exported to the 5 continents.
In one century 210,000,000 knives have been sold in the world…

Today, OPINEL offers to the hobbyists and to the professionals, a set of closing tools, made of wood and steel, robust and reliable, ingenious in its creation and easy to use.

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