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Bon Appétit No.125 Pro Steak Knives 4PC Set

Bon Appétit No.125 Pro Steak Knives 4PC Set


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The pro version of the classy Bon Appétit design : Micro-serrated blade + dishwasher handle = easy maintenance!

The box is made of 4  "N°125 PRO" steak knives. The stainless steel blade features micro-serrations to avoid snagging for an efficient and smooth cut a long-lasting cutting edge (no need of sharpening).

Extremely resistant, high density and soft touch polymer (POM) handle, dishwasher safe.

These dishwasher safe knives are perfect for food service, and will definitely have you pulling them out daily for weeknight dinners at home.

Hardness 55-57 HRC. European origin. The stainless steel used in OPINEL blades is a grade optimized to guarantee both high corrosion resistance and high mechanical performance. The blade offers excellent sharpness and high resistance to abrasion (wear) which allows it to withstand regular contact with hard materials, such as ceramics, before requiring re-sharpening. Stainless steel has the advantage of requiring no special maintenance under ordinary conditions of use, unlike carbon steel. Nevertheless, it can meet its limits when it is put in prolonged contact with an aggressive environment (acid, salt water, detergent ...).

The Bon appétit + knives handles are in high quality polymer haut de gamme resist to water, chemical products and heat.

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