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Bicycle Repair Kit

Bicycle Repair Kit

Gentlemen's Hardware

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Gentlemen’s Hardware was born out of a shared passion for building superior, durable, responsible goods that equip modern gentlemen for the rigors of life. From multi-tools to grooming accessories, outdoor enamelware, drinkware, wallets and more, our products are crafted by relentless pioneers who share an unfaltering commitment to quality, function and style. 

There’s an art to manliness. It involves chopping wood and knowing the correct boxer’s stance, and drinking scotch on the rocks while fighting pirates one-handed with a sabre.

By the same token, there’s also an art to being a gentleman. He should know how to tie and bowtie, how to grow a handlebar moustache, hold the door open for a special lady, and he should never blame his tools for a job done badly.

Gentlemen’s Hardware is all about having the correct tool for the job. Whether it’s a wallet, a corkscrew or a wash bag, Gentlemen’s Hardware have designed it to function well, look and feel fantastic, and ooze gentleman-ness.

Exhibit No. 5: the Bicycle Repair Kit. In this old-fashioned tin lies a plethora of tools that you can use to fix up your bike on the run. It includes tyre levers, a multifunction bike tool, rubber solution, a bone wrench, a metal rasp, patches, and instructions for patching up your bike so you can get back to leisurely peddling around the countryside.


  • Designed in England.
  • Tools made from stainless steel.
  • Includes everything you need to repair you bike in case of emergency.
  • Small size for keeping in your pack while riding.
  • Presented in a retro-look Gentlemen's Hardware tin.


  • Bicycle Tool.
  • 20ml Rubber Solution.
  • Bone Wrench & Metal Rasp.
  • 9 x Rubber Patches.
  • 2 x Metal Tyre Levers.
  • Instructions.
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