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ALBA : DAWN Morning Incense

ALBA : DAWN Morning Incense


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This incense recalls the smell of coffee that gives us the needed kick to start the
day, to set our intentions, to rearrange our plans, thoughts and vibrations for the day.
It wakes up our senses, body, and mind.

lt is formulated with the coffee oil derived through a cold-pressed distillation process of the Italian mild roasted coffee beans. The benefits of coffee oil come from its composition of plant sterols, as well as linoleic and oleic acid, among other anti_ inflammatory and antioxidant compounds.  


  • Improve mood
  • Stimulate relaxation
  • Induce positive thinking 

WA:IT incense is made ethically in Awaji lsland with all_ natural talian origin  ingredients, there are many benefits you can reap from this experience, the act of indulging our olfactory senses is more powerful than you might realise.

The idea of aromatherapy is based on the  fact that aromatic substances can be used for  healing and medical purposes, when we take in a smell, signals are sent to our limbic system, this part of the brain is responsible for memory, emotion, and  hormone regulation. Different scents trigger different responses in our brain.

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