Essential oil - Study of Trees

Essential oil - Study of Trees

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Experience a touch of Australia's wild landscape with Studio Milligram's captivating Essential Oils. Add to your favourite diffuser or oil burner to brighten your space with fragrances from native botanicals, conjuring your choice of lush rainforests, sea-salt and earthy terroir.

Study of Trees conjures the dense aromatics of temperate old-growth forests to aid sleep and relaxation, with notes of cedarwood, white cypress and vetiver.



Essential Oil
Choose from Study of Trees, Nocturne, Overland, Shoal or Ultraviolet
100% Pure Natural Essential Oils
Designed & Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Led by a passion for design, stylish stationery and the finer things in life, friends Scott Druce and Matt Harris launched the Australian business that would become Milligram in October 2007.