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SaltBush Body Duo

SaltBush Body Duo


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Saltbush Body Duo 250ml

A clean and vibrant duo to revitalise the skin and stimulate emotional clarity. Fragrant saltbush layers atop soft green sage, balanced by gentle musk undertones.

A revitalising body duo to detoxify and clear impurities, minimise trans-epidermal water loss, support elastin production and slow skin ageing. Formulated with certified organic plant oils, fragrant botanicals and nutrient-rich marine extract. 

Presented in glass bottles designed to be reused, refilled or recycled.  Products come packaged in a duo box.

Cocoa seed butter: rich in phytochemicals to improve blood flow, slow skin ageing and protect against UV damage; high in fatty acids for deep hydration; contains oleic, palmitic and stearic acids to nourish the skin.

Carrot seed oil: natural cell regeneration properties; deeply moisturising; natural anti-inflammatory properties to calm and balance the skin.

Marine extract: rich in natural vitamins and minerals to soothe, soften and reduce sensitivity; maintains skin's natural balance; defends against irritation.

Shea butter: boosts moisture; natural anti-inflammatory properties; rich in antioxidants to promote anti-ageing.

Olive and coconut oils: deeply cleansing and hydrating; natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, skin synergistic and biocompatible to support barrier function.

Glycerine: naturally-occurring highly moisturising agent.

Aloe vera: naturally soothing for sensitive skin; increases collagen synthesis.

Vitamin e: protects skin cells from damage and supports barrier function.

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