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Double necklace

Double necklace

Shabana Jacobson

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Jewellery that is both contemporary but nods to the past, with their brushed gold finish these earrings look like they could have come from a Pharaoh's tomb.
  • Material: 925 silver / Gold filled
  • Size: 18in chain / disc's approx 6mm diameter.
  • Dainty little disc's in gold and silver on a fine chain. Great for everyday wear.

Contemporary Jeweller Shabana Jacobson has been making beautiful one-off pieces of jewellery for the last 14 years. All production pieces are lovingly handmade in Melbourne by Shabana and her small team. Inspiration is drawn from the beauty and ugliness of the world around us, her many worldly travels, the smaller finer details, textures, forms and colours of our natural and human-made world and the sheer complexity of it.

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