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Raawii Strøm Large Vase - Green Gables

Raawii Strøm Large Vase - Green Gables


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Raawii’s Strøm vase has a simple, sculptural form that is ideal for a variety of floral arrangements, creating a fun contrast to the delicate nature of flowers. The minimalist vase, with its round base lightened by a cylindrical neck, looks positively delightful even without any flowers.

The Strøm collection’s simple yet distinctive shapes are based on cubist still life paintings by Danish artist Vilhelm Lundstrøm. In addition to the geometric shapes typical of early 20th-century cubism, designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen has used the paintings to pick a bunch of beautiful hues for the products. The different but somehow still similar shapes urge you to boldly combine sizes and colours to create your own piece of art, be it on your dining table or as part of your home’s interior.


Material: Stoneware

28 x 17 cm

Capacity: 3 L

Care instructions: Machine washable, but hand-wash recommended.

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