Iittala Raami Tumbler Moss Green (2)

Iittala Raami Tumbler Moss Green (2)

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Designed by Jasper Morrison, the Raami collection has been refined over time to only the essentials. Raami ('frame' in Finnish) encourages good atmosphere.

Raami Tumbler offers a relaxed atmosphere for every occasion.


It is easy to store and dishwasher safe.

What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. Iittala believe objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that inspires individual use and expression.

The Finnish name for ‘dewdrop’ refers to the circles of bubbles in the pressed glass. Inspired by Finnish nature, the dewdrops glisten like a string of pearls on grass in the morning sun. Oiva Toikka’s love for experimentation led to the creation of an entirely new droplet design for Kastehelmi. The resulting surface structure brings out the living, reflective beauty of the glass.

Material: Glass
Volume: 260mL
Height: 8.7cm
Dishwasher safe

Sold as a pair.