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Hanging Drying Rack

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George & Willy is a design studio and workshop who make quality, timeless creative equipment and life tools for humans around the world.

“We are naturally curious, we ignore trends and solve problems to enlighten people with objects for everyday use.”

George & Will met when they were 12 year olds, skiing together at the local hill. They bumped into each other again at University where they were both studying business degrees. With access to the university workshop called the "tin shed," one thing led to another and instead of applying for graduate jobs they found themselves making things and selling them outside the university library. They never really stopped and have turned their child like enthusiasm for making things, into a full-time thing.


The Hanging Drying Rack by George and Willy is an economical and environmental way to dry and air clothing. 

Suspended from the ceiling using a seamless pulley system, the clothes rack quickly dries laundry by utilising warm air trapped in the ceiling space. 

The ceiling-mounted hanging drying rack is an attractive solution that can be installed in almost every space. It comes complete with all of its components as well as instructions for simple installation.

Rack - 1150mm (length) x 585mm (width) 
Rope - 2 x 8m lengths of yachting braid rope
9 x wooden dowels
1 x cleat for tying the rope off on the wall
4 x steel pulleys
Note: all parts come with screws, however, installation should be done by a qualified builder to ensure it is fixed properly.