The Good Room

The “Good Room” has been a little side project we’ve been working on in our spare time.

There’s nothing more fun than starting with a blank canvas! Originally rooms behind the shop, now a space to constantly reinvent.

It’’s first incarnation features our new sofa made in collaboration with spacecraft design and featuring their fabulous cushions. Locally made the frame is constructed of hardwood and steel, quality Duplo foam and Mokum fabric.

Beautifully proportioned this sofa is super comfortable . Slimline back cushions give you extra room for plenty of soft cushions to sink into and the natural linen weave background really makes those colours pop : these cushions made exclusively by Spacecraft  are just the right size.



Choose from different colour palettes to change the whole look.


We also have some of Spacecraft’s artwork , so nice to see it in a different context. (The shop does get very full of the accessories and smaller things so it’s nice to see some of our favourites pieces with a bit of room to breathe)

Come in and visit us and we’ll take you on a tour, hopefully you’ll feel inspired to have some fun in your own good room.