Princess and the Pillowcase


Belgium Linen is known for it’s beauty and quality, you can still find linen bedding in French flea markets because the flax fibre is so long lasting compared to cotton and also because the French cherish their linen.

The feel of Bedouin linen is true to this heritage with an added contemporary edge.

 Founder Virginia Feldtman has worked with artisans over many years to achieve this lovely, powdery matte, hand-dyed finish giving the linen a soft vintage feel that is both raw and luxurious .

The stunning range of colours, from milky whites, concrete greys , dusky blues and pinks to delicious toffee and amber hues begs the question which colours to choose and combine , that’s the fun part !
Made from premium, long staple, European flax and sewn by specialist linen manufacturers this range of bed linen has a beautiful casual style, don’t ever bother ironing , the linen looks its best straight off the clothes line.
We love to play with the colour combinations, and got to do this whilst shooting for our online store, try subtle combinations like variations of the several greys for the sheets and duvet cover then throw in some Guava pillowcases , there are endless combinations .
The designers at Bedouin have cleverly allowed their products to be purchased individually so you can combine them any way you wish.
Change the look and feel of your bedroom with the seasons.
Once you’ve slept under these sheets nothing else will do . We suggest starting with a flat sheet or Duvet and some pillowcases, a flat sheet is perfect to sleep under in Summer , not so far away …
Pure linen vintage wash sheeting collection is now available in our online store, 

sweet dreams ..